How to Become an AKR Collecting Partner

We don't expect any sectoral knowledge from our future collecting partners. However, there’s one thing we expect from our collecting partners from the very beginning - and we place great emphasis on it: A healthy mercantile understanding, which does not confuse turnover with profit and responsible dealing with their own existence, which bears our mutual name: AKR. Provided after discussing with our consultants and an ample acquaintance period with all facets of the catalytic converters business and the overall business concept you still feel the desire to run a fulcrum business, then you have to bring along 4 things: Dedication, Equity Capital, Enthusiasm – as well as the Realization, that each entrepreneurial beginning always requires a certain time for development before one can talk about an “established existance“. The way to get there – this we promise you – will become with and through AKR much easier.

Now itís Your Turn

Now you have learned quite a few things about AKR Recycling GmbH, and who knows – perhaps you become the next new AKR collecting partner. Because of this: Arrange right away a personal exploratory talk with our recycling consultant, who will explain our concept in every detail to you.

Have we sparked your interest to become an AKR Recycling collecting partner? Then fill out the application form.

Please bear in mind that we look for franchise partners with locations in Germany.
For locations overseas, kindly use the English form.

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